Original TV Program Development

A2Media is developing several TV programs for international distribution. Current programs include: Finding Sandalwood Mountain, Shanghai Exodus and Chasing Rainbows.

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a feature length documentary film that was co-produced with and for Agape Film Partners, Inc., our sister company. Information about Chasing Rainbows is available at www.chasingrainbowsfilm.com.

Finding Sandalwood Mountain

Finding Sandalwood Mountain is a 77-minute documentary and premiered on PBS Hawaii on July 17, 2008.

The TV documentary traces the history of Chinese immigration to Hawaii and highlights the special relationship between the Chinese people in Hawaii and China. Finding Sandalwood Mountain is available on DVD, and can be purchased from the official film site.

Combined Venues

The following combined venues for Finding Sandalwood Mountain guarantees a combined viewer audience of millions of people:

Theatrical Presentations

Finding Sandalwood Mountain will play in private and public showings to key business leaders, government representatives, church leaders, educators and the general public at major venues across the islands. Public exhibitions began in 2007.

International Broadcast in China

A subtitled Mandarin Language version of Finding Sandalwood Mountain is scheduled to play on Chinese national television on CCTV in China to an audience of approximately 800 million people.

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Shanghai Exodus

Shanghai Exodus is a two-hour feature film documentary that portrays the Caucasians who grew up in China and left Shanghai after the Chinese Communist revolution. It tells personal stories of struggle, survival, success and providence over a nation. Some of the issues covered will include the Japanese occupation and internment, the Communist Revolution and the exodus out of China.

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