The complete, untold story of the Chinese migration to Hawaii, now available on DVD

Finding Sandalwood Mountain

Project Background

Five years in the making, Finding Sandalwood Mountain, a 77-minute documentary, is the only film to date that chronicles the complete and untold story of the Chinese in Hawaii. For the first time ever, the legacy of Hawaii’s Chinese community comes to life — giving audiences everywhere the chance to learn and appreciate the rich heritage and wonderful influence the Chinese have had over their island communities and the homeland back in China. No other group of Chinese immigrants have been blessed like those who have settled in Hawaii… and Hawaii has played a huge role in shaping Modern China.

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Join the Sandalwood Legacy

We invite you to be a part of their legacy by becoming a sponsor in future broadcasts, theatrical release and DVD distribution of Finding Sandalwood Mountain in Hawaii and in China. Your donation to this project offers an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of the effort to reach out to the Chinese in both Hawaii and China; helping them to grasp the significance of their past, and the value of their present and future roles. We believe that every student in Hawaii deserves the opportunity to learn about the tremendous influence Hawaii’s Chinese have had in Hawaii and China!

Combined Venues

The following combined venues for Finding Sandalwood Mountain guarantees a combined viewer audience of millions of people:

Theatrical Presentations

Finding Sandalwood Mountain will play in private and public showings to key business leaders, government representatives, church leaders, educators and the general public at major venues across the islands. Public exhibitions began in February of 2007. Comprehensive public statewide theatrical showings are planned after the PBS broadcasts in July of 2008.

Educational Broadcasts

Finding Sandalwood Mountain will also play on the Hawaii State Department of Education’s Teleschool program, which reaches every public K—12 classroom in the state.

International Broadcast in China

A subtitled Mandarin Language version of Finding Sandalwood Mountain is scheduled to play on Chinese national television on CCTV in China to an audience of approximately 800 million people.

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