Our Services

Sales & marketing

A2Media has been producing award winning sales and marketing materials on a variety of media for the past fifteen years. Companies consistently turn to us with the confidence that we will research their market, develop the right creative concept and produce a video, CD or brochure that will sell their company or their products to their prospective target audience.

IBM turned to us to sell an advanced video communications platform. In our video, IBM — The Wave, we sell the state of the art in global video communications.

Corporate communications

A2Media excels in producing corporate communications. Many Fortune 1000 firms turn to us to convey messages to customers, shareholders or employees. We are an award winning production company with the experience and resources to help you develop your business. For example, in 1997 we traveled to China to produce Verizon: The China Story, a video on Verizon’s successful entry into the Chinese business market.

Educational Media & Corporate Training

A2Media recognizes that effective marketing of products and servicing of customers requires high standards of training. For the past fifteen years, we’ve specialized in training and educating customers and employees on a wide range of topics, from telecommunications equipment to visitor hospitality. We deploy the media best suited to the audience: whether video, interactive media, computer based training, a workbook or a combination of all four, we have the experience needed to develop the best training curricula and the right media to support it.

In Aloha In Any Language, we set the standard for care and handling of foreign visitors to Hawaii. For Sony, we helped launch a new security product so that dealers and customers would see the clear advantage of the Sony HSR-Series Digital Hybrid Recorder.

Collateral printed media

A2Media develops communications plans to support our clients’ needs. Be it one printed piece or a family of media products, A2Media can design the ideal marketing and communication plan. Our magazine and newspaper ads, brochures, direct mailers and annual reports perfectly combine a strong marketing message with the right creative flair.

In addition to serving a multitude of international clients, we also are the mainstay creative development agency for a number of US Fortune 1000 companies as seen in Corporate Capabilities Brochures profiling billion dollar companies.

Interactive Media

A2Media is a leader in the production of Interactive Media in any format: Interactive CD’s and DVD’s, WEB-based hyperlink products and real time streaming videos that can run on your corporate web servers or the World Wide Web. A2Media has over ten years experience with interactive media, having worked with companies like IBM, Verizon and Sony. The hybrid CD gives your website all the power of full motion video and Hollywood animation without creating a bandwidth bottleneck.

TV commercials & programs

A2Media is a full service commercial production company. We can take your message from concept to completion. Our state of the art digital videography and computer based editing systems allow us to effectively showcase your product.

We offer a film-like look on digital video with an aesthetic eye for lighting, composition and art direction. Our TV spots are both clever and affordable. We know how to entice the audience and sell your product.

Whether you need a full-fledged TV image campaign shot on location half way around the world complete with an original jingle or a simple retail spot, we have the right touch to make it happen for you. We handle the whole project — from live action to complex computer generated imagery and character animation. We’re Connected to You and the Animated Dimettes are just two examples of our work.